Mineral Soaking Salts are everything you need to detoxify, relax, renew and completely indulge. Our amazing blend of Pure Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, and fragrance blend is certain to be at the top of your self care product list. Perfect for hand and foot soals!


Benefits of bathing in minearl soaking bath salts

- Improves texture, tone and appearanceof your skin

- Helps combat water retention

- Relieves Sinus and other respiratoryconditions

- Prevents muscle cramping and soreness

- Promotes better sleep paterns Helps to decrease stress

- Detoxifying Anti Bacterial Improves skin conditons like Acne, Psoriasis and Dermatitis Fragrance Options:


Goddess - Jasmine and Lavender are warmed with rich woods and sweetened by vanilla musk to create this soft luxury scent


Twilight - Bergamot and sweet violet unfold into a soft amber accented with ylang ylang and carnation.Sweet vanilla, white woods and musk offer a powdery finish. Always a fan favorite!


Midnight Hour (formerly 50 Shades) - A seductive marriage of tainted rose and wild geranium with addictive, "can't live without it" notes of bergamot and gold amber. Best Seller!

Mineral Soaking Salts